Beirut follows in Istanbul footsteps

When you give to others In an atmosphere of humanity that they know they have their value and place in the heart as you offer them the good, your action will remain in that person’s memory for a long time.

Tzu Chi Expedition to Beirut:
The distinguished work carried out by the expedition of the Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation to Beirut still has a great impact among the Lebanese community in general, especially those families that received assistance and who spoke about how happy they were with the humanitarian treatment they received during the distribution process. They also confirmed that it was the first time that the assistance was provided with this humanitarian and good treatment.

The opinion of the volunteers of the Al-Futowa Association:
In turn, the volunteers of the Al-Futowa Association expressed their happiness in dealing with the Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation and were impressed by the organized works The Tzu Charitable Foundation is characterized with.

Everyone donates:
The great response that the people showed when they were asked to donate is what confirms the success of the Beirut relief project, as some of them donated half of their daily wages, so the sums collected from the donation exceeded all expectations compared to the difficult conditions that these people are suffering from.

The expedition of the Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation had visited some of the beneficiary families to closely examine their conditions and seek their views on the distribution process, the organization, and the method of distribution.

Satisfaction and happiness were the talks of everyone including the families, the volunteers, and the officials.

Tzu Chi Foundation grows its first fruit in Beirut, hoping that it will change the conditions of the people there as it changed the lives of Syrians in Istanbul.


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