A glimmer of goodness

Perhaps one of the most painful calamities for the parents, which may break their hearts apart is having a sick child in the house, especially when that disease is the silent killer …. Cancer.
After the accurate diagnosis of Khalil’s eye, a student at El Menahil International School, it was found that he had a tumor in the eye and that he must undergo surgery and start chemotherapy sessions.
Sadness hangs over the whole family, as the treatment expenses are high and the father cannot afford it, as he is the only one who works at home.
That father who left Syria after burying a lot of his family and friends with his hands before he had to flee finally to Turkey to save the lives of his children and his family, to start over a new life, and to secure a beautiful future for his children. A future that every father dreams of.
But he was shocked by the illness of his child, Khalil, and seeking help from the Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation to save his child was the sole choice he had.
The Foundation did not hesitate to secure the costs of treatment for Khalil, who received great sympathy from all the staff at El Menahil International School, who provided them with moral and material support.

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