A meeting with the dear ones

The Islamic Futowa Association is on a visit to Istanbul to meet the representatives of Tzu Chi İyilik akfı in Turkey.

Today, at the headquarters of El-Menahil International School, members of The Islamic Futowa Association visited and met Mr. Faisal, representative of the Tzu Chi Foundation in Turkey, and Mr. Juma Thuraya, a member of the Tzu Chi Foundation.

During the meeting, Mr. Faisal explained in detail about the beginning of Tzu Chi relief work to support Syrian refugees in the regions of Sultangazi and Arnavutkoy, which has been going on for 7 years, and the difficult living conditions prevailing in that period for displaced Syrian families and explained the role of Tzu Chi in alleviating the suffering of those families. Tzu Chi also took upon itself the task of saving an entire generation from being lost in the swamp of ignorance and bringing them to the spaces of knowledge, science, and morals.

It is noteworthy that the cooperation between the of Tzu Chi İyilik akfı and The Islamic Futowa Association had resulted in helping more than 400 families before the project extended to include more than 850 families.

These families live in the Janah area in Beirut in extremely miserable living conditions. The low exchange rate of the Lebanese liras to the dollar and the explosion of Beirut Port have added to the suffering of these families.

This visit was an occasion for the guests to participate in the process of distributing monthly gifts to families registered with the Tzu Chi İyilik akfı, which began a few days ago and continues until now.


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