A story of a woman in her forties with 10 children


A woman in her forties, who had ten children, 8 males and 2 females. Her husband died nearly two years ago after suffering a sudden heart attack on his way to work. She has three married children, each of whom is at home with his new family, barely able to provide for their needs. She lives in Gazi Othman Pasha neighborhood with her four children, Faisal, Mahmoud, Hind, and the youngest one, Yasmine. Faisal, 16, is the only one who now works to support his mother and siblings, but what he earns for his hard work is insufficient for a family with its needs. As for Mahmoud, 15 years old, he suffers from nasal sinuses and suffers from cases of suffocation. Doctors recommended surgery for both of them, but the family’s financial capacity could not afford to cover its costs, so she went to the health office of Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation to stop my charitable registration, which bore 80% of the operation’s value for both boys. Indeed, the two operations were performed on the same day. Mrs. Maryam says: “At the beginning, we tried to secure the amount, I knocked on many doors asking for help, but no one accepted my help except this association, they never hesitated to support me and covered a large part of the costs”, she added “Mahmoud and Yasmine are now in good health, they are breathing normally after they were decimated by the difficulty of breathing and bouts of suffocation, and I hope that the coming days will be happy for them and for all the children all over the world.”


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