El Menahil School
Our vision

What We Stand For

The preparation of a generation of educated, armed with science, ideals and morals, moderate religion, able to keep up with the changes of the age and the advancement of society.

Our mission

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

• Provide education for all in an appropriate educational environment, in accordance with the institution’s general policy.
• Raise the quality of education outputs and increase the effectiveness of scientific research.
• Promote creativity, innovation and excellence, and raise the skills and abilities of learners.
• Provide high quality education for learners.
• Create an attractive and enhanced school environment for education, and safe according to quality standards.
• Provision of modern media and technology and knowledge of its use.
• Provide psychosocial support for teachers and learners to do their part.

General Objectives

  • Preparing the student educationally and morally, to be a good citizen.
    The development of a modern, innovative, developmental, modern generation that is able to catch up with civilization and live in all human societies with the dignity of science, awareness and openness.
    Prepare the student to respect the laws and regulations of the country in which he lives.
    Prepare the student to bear the burdens of life, and how to live sound and sound personality away from extremism, extremism, racism, populism and regionalism.
    To prepare the student for a high scientific preparation, which is characterized by an intermediate religion that does not emphasize or fanaticism, that gathers the nation and does not differentiate it

Educational and moral values

  • • Commitment to the piety of God and the teachings of our Islamic religion.
    • Inculcating human and moral values in students, such as: (love – honesty – honesty – loyalty – cooperation – tolerance – moderation …..)).
    • Team work and institutional work.
    • Maintenance of hygiene and public property.
    • Develop the spirit of initiative and altruism for all.
    • Develop the spirit of brotherhood among all human beings, starting from the base:
    “Man is the brother of man”.