El Menahil Is the Title of Hope

After the crisis in Syria became a civil war that turned everything beautiful into harsh and dry, the wheel of civilization in the country went

back for centuries.
For sure, the most dangerous effects of wars on peoples is the loss of education and the loss of an entire generation.
Joud Jaloul, a student at El Menahil International School, sought refuge in Turkey a few years ago after she had quit studying and had to work in workshops for 12 hours a day for a small wage.
Joud joined Al-Menahil International School upon its opening, and she was working and studying at the same time until the school decided to offer a monthly grant to working students that would enable them to full-time study, so Jude was one of the students who benefited from that blessing.
Today, she is one of the best students. She was accepted at the Faculty of Architecture and fulfilled her childhood dream.
El Menahil International School today is establishing a generation full of knowledge and ethics. A generation that can build his homeland in which the war spread death and destruction.

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