Goodness Again

The volunteer students in the Media Office participate in the distribution of the monthly gift.

For two days, Tzuchi İyilik Vakfı distributed the monthly gift to more than 750 families who receive monthly salaries (poor families), as well as scholarship students at El Menahil International School who receive a monthly scholarship to help them with study expenses.
As for the families that receive BIM cards, and whose number is more than 5800 families, they were invited to come to the endowment headquarters to receive their gift.

Preventative measurements:

In the distribution that took place at the school, a number of volunteers were assigned to organize the way families enter and exit to apply the precautionary measures of Corona epidemic, such as sterilization, social distancing, and the need to wear masks.

Effective participation:

This distribution witnessed effective participation of the volunteer students in the Media Office of Tzuchi İyilik Vakfı, who underwent a qualification course in design programs, video production, and camera handling (self and skills development), where they had a prominent role in covering the event by taking photos and videos and delivering the monthly gift to families.


The families expressed in their own way the extent of thanks and gratitude to the Tzuchi İyilik Vakfı through taking a part in donating under the granting campaign launched by El Menahil International School to help everyone in need.

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