Hearts embrace everyone

Humanity is a language that can only be spoken by those who have lived it and becomes a part of themselves so that they only see meaning in life when they do good and help the needy.




The one who contemplates the way members of the Tzu Chi Foundation race for doing good thinks that they are racing to take. Soon enough, the picture becomes clear and unblur and you realize that this racing is to give and donate to the poor.

How was this humanity implanted and rooted in the hearts of these people, so you see them wherever disasters befall, in Zimbabwe, Malawi, the Philippines, Lebanon, and Syria, and wherever the needy are all over the world.

People stripped the world and its pleasures off their hearts and replaced it with love and giving. It is truly the sincerest kind of love.

Hearts to which the afflicted seek shelter in their hardships and tribulations to warm their slender cold bodies.

Congratulations to those hearts.

Congratulations to those who made their eyelids a cover to protect the deprived of the hot and cold weather.

Congratulations to those whom, on their tender chests, children fall asleep with happiness and bliss.


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