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Honoring a number of teachers and students who volunteer at the Media Office
The Media Office of Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı works to support volunteers wishing to improve their skills in various programs such as (Premiere, Photoshop, and InDesign), in addition to the arts of photography and dealing with the camera. The office held some qualifying training courses under the name of (Self- and skills development) and a number of volunteers, including students and teachers, benefited from these courses.
After the course ended, a volunteer training program was set for the practical application of the information provided during the course.
Today, the volunteers who showed commitment to the volunteer training program and remarkable progress at the Premier program were honored.
The Media Office of Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı seeks to provide the necessary support to anyone wishing to refine their skills.
It is assumed that training courses will be held for a number of volunteers later.

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