The meeting held at Almanahil International School yesterday was not a usual meeting.


   However, it was a celebrating day when hard-working teachers were honored.
Those teachers who showed great creativity during the last school year.
They were creative in both traditional learning and distant learning.


   One of the best impressive and encouraging  words of Mr. Juma Thurayya, Almenahil International School manager, was “ a teacher is a man of message whatever are the circumstances.”

   It was a hint to the suffering of humanity because of Corona virus.

That suffering didn’t affect the honored teachers to show much of creativity, distinction and success despite the sudden shift into distant learning.

   Mr. Juma expressed the school’s pride in such teachers. He emphasized the school’s role to reward distinguished figures.

He, also, thanked the kind role of Mr. Fayssal who didn’t attend the meeting but was spiritually present.

His kind role was to provide necessary needs to seek the best. The teachers, on their behalf, expressed thankfulness and gratitude towards the school which symbolizes a family relation for each alienated person.

They, also, overestimated the role of the Taiwanese donors  at the top of them Master Cheng Yen.

   As a natural result, the celebration was for the hardworking teachers for what they did during the school year at a school of creativity and distinction.

That school seeks the best in its teachers.

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