Sometimes we are unable to express thanks and gratitude to people whose good deeds overwhelmed us.

The Tzu Chi Association has always been doing good to the Syrians.
Tzu Chi is the association we can’t fulfil them thanks after that amount of help and aids.

During yesterday’s meeting of Tzu Chi branches of Turkey and Taiwan {Master Cheng Yen talked about the difficult situations of the Syrians in the other countries, besides, the obstacles they face while searching better life for them and their children. Add to that, she emphasized the wright disciplines of humanity and to do our best in order to fulfil security and peace.}


In their speeches the participant volunteers talked about the spread of Covid 19 pandemic in Turkey and the bad effect of this pandemic upon the Syrians.
They also exposed the situations of the most badly affected families. Some of these families couldn’t afford even a single bottle of milk for their babies.
They talked about the instant aids Tzu Chi has offered to the families non listed in the Tzu Chi plans.
The non-listed families counted up to 2000.
The talk was also about the distant learning process at   El Menahil International School and the big success achieved with the teachers’ experiences.
There was no need for help of any exterior people unlike other schools and establishments.

Tzu Chi has been doing us a lot.
The observer of Tzu Chi would say the help exceeds imagination.

In our turn we will tell our children and grandchildren about the gifts of blessed Tzu Chi in order to keep its name for ever in Syrians’ hearts generation after generation.


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