Source of Hope

Is it a celebration or a festival? If you like, say it is a carnival for honoring the outstanding senior students in El Menahil School. No language can express today’s events. You stand speechless in front of the group of students who challenged their circumstances and excelled over them, so they deserved to stand Today on the honoring stage.
What added to the event was the joy of the presence of Mr. Faisal, the man who is great by his actions, and who carries a good and pure heart full of love and giving. Today, the audience cried with his words about the beginning of the work of the Tzu Chi Foundation and the difficulties they faced to open this school until they reached this desired day with the efforts of people of high determination and sincere hearts, Mr. Faisal, Mr. David, Mrs. Nadia, and Mr. Juma.
making a slogan for us that sincere determination is what makes a nation.
It is not surprising when to see a student crying with tears, despite winning first place in her class, and another whose words are mixed with her tears on the day of her graduation.
It is not surprising to see parents standing in the middle between sadness and joy.
They are tears of joy and moments of happiness. Eyes may cry when they cannot express what is in the heart and soul well.
Those tears are the story of an eye that recalls memories of the past, with its tragedies, pain, and aches, and another eye that gazes at the present and the desired near future, which has become a reality.
It is evident that El Menahil International School and Tzu Chi Foundation saved generations from ignorance and worked to raise them in a way all parents dreams of.


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