The Expected Day


Al-Manahil International School honors high school students and gives them accredited certificates (HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA).


Al-Manahil International School was on a date with the desired day, the expected day, for which all school staff, including administrators, teachers, and students worked hard,

”The day of collecting the fruits of success. Despite the exceptional circumstances in which we live today, the management of Al Manahil International School insisted on sharing the students their joy, as they are the treasure and hope of the school.

The General Director of Al-Manahil International School, Mr. Jumah Thuraya honored the third-year high school students and granted them the certificates.

This school that planted knowledge and virtues in its students as there is no value for knowledge unless it is correspondent with good morals.

Al-Manahil School has become today a scientific tower and a lighthouse that shifts our children from the darkness of ignorance to the lights of knowledge.


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