By the grace of God, a new scholastic year has started at El-Menahil International School. On Wednesday 11/09/2019 our students has joined their early morning classes according to the schedule. And they were received warmly by the teachers and administrative staff. Happiness was drawn on everybody’s face.

Each one of the students accompanied their teacher to join classes. The school was decorated all around to exhibit the joy of launching a new school year. At the entrance of the school hall and in each floor, you can see the walls decorated with motivational and welcoming phrases to encourage our dear students to learn.

After that, each educational supervisor held a meeting with students and gave welcoming speech in which S/He greeted the students and promoted commitment, discipline and dedication at the beginning of the year.

The educational supervisors also clarified to students that the school and its staff are at their service. And they will surmount the difficulties in order to reach excellency and uniquity for its students.

In the first and second classes, students and their teachers met to get acquainted as well as to congratulate each other for the new school year. They also discussed the summer vacation. Then, from the third class until the end of school hours, they took lessons and revisions.