The Passing Away of Mr. Ismail May

Mr. Ismail May died while undergoing a heart surgery

Mr. Ismail May in lines:

He studied law in Libya, and was very close to Mr. Faisal, rather he was one of the closest people to him.

After his graduation, he worked as a diplomat in the Taiwanese consulate of Jordan, and participated in a lot of charitable and relief works there. He was a philanthropist, seeking to do good deeds whenever he had the opportunity. He returned to Taiwan in order to perform a surgical operation to expand heart`s arteries, but he entered a coma until he passed away yesterday. At the age of 56 years.

He wished and worked to visit El-Manahil International School in order to see the children and participate in the charitable work provided by Tzu Chi, but it was mere fate and God`s will.

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