The Third Meeting

Periodic meetings are held by the central office of the Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation in Taiwan with its branches that are spread in more than 90 countries around the world, in order to monitor the work and achievements each branch achieves.

Participation of Turkey branch:

Tzu Chi branch in Turkey was among the participants, along with other branches that participated in the last meeting, in the presence of Master Cheng Yen.

Congratulations in Chinese:

Master Cheng Yen expressed her joy and happiness over the words delivered by some students of El Menahil International School in Chinese and praised their efforts in learning the Chinese language.

The words were a congratulation in the Chinese language to the Tzu Chi Foundation and its members for the Chinese New Year.

Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation has provided the opportunity to learn the Chinese language for those who wish to do so by starting free courses for all segments of students, teachers, and others, seeking to teach them the Chinese language, and thus paving the way for them to have many job opportunities.

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