Tzuchi Volunteers

The meaning of volunteering: Since its emergence Tzuchi foundation has used to embark upon the principle of (volunteering) and teaching all people the meaning of providing help for others with all love, respect, and pleasure.

And indeed, since the start of this foundation’s work, nearly five years ago, some volunteer brothers showed up to help the foundation and take part in relief work willingly.

It wasn’t long enough until this work has become a date which those brothers yearn for and persist in. And they are  all full of of hope and optimism of the coming days.

At the beginning, the number of volunteers was insufficient, but each time the number was increasing, thus, in the latest relief work the number of volunteers has exceeded(  164   ) volunteers both males and females.

Those volunteers have been organized and sorted into different tasks, to provide service for everyone, and they played a major role in facilitating and organising the relief work due to their dedication to their appointed tasks, starting with arrangement and ending with helping the elderly and people with special needs, and even looking after the children.

And in turn, the foundation management has thanked female and male volunteers for the efforts they have done for the completion of the relief work, and that was done through a speech made by Mr. (Joumaa Thourrya) the general manager of the foundation. And a word said by Mr. (Faisal Hu) a member of Tzuchi foundation.

A few volunteer brothers have also given some words of thanks and gratitude for this foundation, for all they have been giving for Syrians over five continuous years and in all areas.