How joyful and merry Eid gets when we meet our loved ones

especially when he is the one who turned, with his goodness and generosity, the lives of the Syrians into permanent Eid and took promised to stay with them until they go back to their country.

He is the one for whom, thousands of students and families have been praying.
He is the one that all people love and respect. He is Mr. Faisal, who arrived in Istanbul today with his gracious wife, Mrs. Nadia after twenty months of absence.
El Menahil staff celebrated this occasion and came to meet them, so everyone’s Eid and happiness was doubled.


With the return of this generous man, who revived the hopes of thousands, everyone felt safe. His presence gives a feeling of reassurance and hopes that goodness is going on.


On behalf of the Master Cheng Yen, members of Tzu Chi, and the Taiwanese people, Mr. Faisal and Mrs. Nadia expressed their purest love to the Syrian people.


This celebration was a good occasion to honor the creative members and committees including those who were assigned to prepare the annual report on the work of Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı in addition to the various work committees like the Scientific Committee, the Teaching Methods Committee, and the Committee of Spreading Values ​​and Activities.


Because honoring is always accompanied by goodness, the distribution of the Eid gift to the cadre of Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı, including teachers and employees, in addition to teachers working in temporary schools took place during the celebration.

Eid this year had a special impact on everyone as it witnessed the arrival of the source of goodness and humanity.


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