Great Days

El-Menahil International School experienced exceptional days during distributing the monthly gift to the families benefiting from the Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi.

Those days were symbols of humanity, giving, and generosity.

The story began when the Mufti of Sultangazi and the manager of Vali Agha mosque (still being established) visited Mr. Faisal asking him for help to complete building the mosque, so the families were invited to contribute to this humanitarian work.

The number of donations exceeded all expectations, especially that people who donated were living in a bad economic situation.

An elderly woman donated a gold earring she inherited from her mother and by doing so she encouraged the others to do the same.

After that, another lady took off her little daughter’s earring and put it in the donation box, and others donated the much-needed BIM cards not to forget those who donated money in a very amazing and altruistic scene.

This scene cause the official of the mosque and his guests who attended the distribution and witnessed the donations to burst into tears after the generosity of their Syrian brothers.

It is worth mentioning that these donations are scheduled to continue for a month.



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