Among the training and qualifying courses the staff of El-Menahil International School received, there was


The (International Child Training License) course, which lasted for three days, (8 hours a day) on daily basis. And that was before the start of the new school year.


The Main Goal

The main objective of this course is to move from teaching children  and equipping them with knowledge plus information, into a practical training method which instills skills, builds their attitudes and also change their convictions. So that they can achieve success.


Course content

It mentions that the International license consists of ( 5 levels ), in this course the focus was on the first level which includes many topics, most importantly; a journey in the child’s brain and the ten principles of professional training and learning through drama and storytelling.


The teachers also took a test regarding what they have learnt during the course, and the virtuous  Mr. (Joumaa Thurayaa) honored the teachers who had attended the course and passed the test.
They also received accredited certificates from the International Academy for Innovative Services.

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