A visit

For seven years, Tzu Chi Charitable Foundation has been providing all kinds of support to the Syrian refugees in Turkey, including education, health, care, and relief aid.

During the visit of the Taiwanese ambassador to Turkey and the Turkish ambassador to Taiwan to Master Chen Yen, they expressed their gratitude for the charitable work carried out by Tzu Chi Foundation, as these deeds are results of absolute and great love for doing good.

The two guests presented a piece of cloth with an inscription of the Holy Kaaba and embroidered verses from the Noble Quran.

The Turkish ambassador, for his part, said: We have seen in the past seven years the care provided by the Tzu Chi Foundation for Syrian refugees, and he thanked the Master for her interest and sponsorship of this humanitarian work.

Only those who hold a bright mind can open their hearts to love everyone, regardless of any other consideration, because love is a language that everyone understands.

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