The cooperation between Tzu Chi association and Takhfif Alazamat association has led to the distribution of more than (700) food package.


The volunteers in Tzu Chi have distributed more than (700) food packages to families  in need in Sultangazi and Aranavutkoy during 3 days in coordination with Takhfif Alazamat association.


In his visit to Mr. Juma Thurayya,Istanbul Tzu Chi branch manager, Mr. Ahmad Adel, Takhfif Alazamat coordinator, expressed his pleasure because of cooperation between the two parts. He ,also, wished more cooperation and coordination on the coming days between both parts to help the largest possible number of families in need.


As a matter of fact, Tzu Chi has distributed (537) packages to registered families in Tzu Chi sector. Add to that, (166) packages were distributed to families in Takhfif Alazamat sector in Sultangazi and Arnavutkoy. So the total number of the distributed packages (700).

Who is Takhfif Alazamat?

It’s a charity association which recently started its work in Turkey. It started its campaign Good Food-Package which aims at affording (10 000) food packages in cooperation with charities. The aim of the campaign is to reduce hard pressure on refugees especially after the Corona Pandemic which led to the stop of many businesses.
Tzu Chi has always welcomed all kinds of good cooperation among charity organizations. It is also fit to work with all parts which contribute to reduce refugees’ suffering.


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