El-Menahil Summer Camp


Summer time begun at El-Menahil International School


Students filled the whole place with their joyful smiles and pushing to reach first in the huge queues.

It is a  great turnout for the first time, while having the chance of learning face to face after a two-year break of Corona pandemic.

El-Menahil summer camp includes a variety of activities and events, both in  classrooms and outdoors, and the students were divided into three main shifts.

The focus in the summer`s programs is on moral value activities and educational aims that would develop the child’s physical and mental abilities.

Unique concern for young toddlers of the preparatory stage. The El-Menahil Summer Club continues until the date of August 27, 2022, during which the Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday.

May God keep the innocent warm smiles and happiness on the faces of our children.

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