Few Drops of Blood May Grant Life to Others


The Syrians accepted an Invitation to a blood donation campaign and achieved good results.

Great numbers of men and women flocked to the  El-Menahil International School to participate in the blood donation campaign called by Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent.

Certain health criteria related to the general health of the donor were determined such as: age, weight and other guidelines to be noted before making a donation and the number of donors during the two past days amounted up to 435 donors.

The Turkish Red Crescent had earlier visited El-Menahil School during the distribution of the monthly gift and closely examined the large donation campaign carried out to complete the construction of the Wali Agha Mosque next to El-Menahil International School.

It is scheduled that the partnership will continue to include various aspects in many ways that would enhance the general concept of coexistence between both the Turkish and the Syrian societies various members as well.

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