In Distributions, Tzu Chi Volunteers Raise Funds for Mosque in Turkey

Wednesday, 20 April 2022 09:03 Tzu Chi Foundation


Tzu Chi volunteers Faisal Hu (left) and Nadya Chou (right)
pay a home visit to Nur Huda Sanaa (middle), who donated
her earrings to support the construction of the mosque.
(Photo provided by Tzu Chi Foundation)

As it is Ramadan, the Tzu Chi Foundation in Turkey held charity distributions in the El Menahil International School on the morning of April 9. There were a total of 36 distributions over nine days, and nearly 8,000 Syrian families received benefit. And there were touching stories.


Do good and be grateful during Ramadan

During Ramadan, Muslims do not break their fast until after sunset, in order to appreciate the hardships of the poor and cherish their blessings gratefully. They follow the religious precepts by guarding their mouth, mind, and action. In this month, Muslims must follow the precepts strictly, do good, and pray with sincere piety.

Raise funds for the mosque

To support people in their religious beliefs, Tzu Chi volunteers in Turkey have also helped to build a mosque. When Brother Faisal Hu (胡光中), a Tzu Chi volunteer in Turkey, learnt that a mosque under construction in Sultangazi lacked funds for its later phases, he initiated a fund-raiser for the construction fund.

Tzu Chi volunteer Faisal Hu (胡光中) shares touching stories with
Syrian families during the distribution. (Photo by Nadya Chou;


Many said that it was impossible. But he said that it was possible if Tzu Chi’s way of fund-raising was adopted. Mr. Hu called on refugees from Syria to make a donation during the distributions. The Syrian families being helped responded. They brought their coin banks to give back a little piece of love and let the love flow around.

Although they are not well off, the Syrians, of all ages, were willing to give all they could. Each grain of rice can add up to fill up a barrel and each drop of water can add up to form a river.

Mr. Nahit, head of the mosque, was moved by the kindness of the Syrian families.

Nur Huda Sanaa’s earrings

A lady, Nur Huda Sanaa, wished to provide aid. When she heard that the mosque needed help, she decided to donate a pair of earrings on behalf of her mother’s soul. Although she received the earrings from her mother 10 years ago and they meant a lot to her, she gave them away. She always thought that this pair of earrings should go to a place where they belonged.

Nur Huda Sanaa decides to donate the earrings on behalf
of her mother’s soul. (Photo by Nadya Chou;
2022/04/10; Turkey)


April 10 was the first time she came to receive the subsidy. Usually, it was her husband who received the relief supplies. But, on April 9, he fell down without warning and suffered sudden cardiac arrest; he was declared critically ill by a doctor. The family was very worried. When Nur learned that she could help with the construction of the mosque, accompanied by her daughter, she came to donate the earrings.

“Many thanks to Tzu Chi Foundation, thank you. May Allah bless you and protect you! I am also very moved to dedicate this pair of earrings; my son passed away early, and my husband is now in the intensive care unit. I pray for his recovery. May Allah have mercy on him,” she said with gratitude. She prayed with everyone there after she donated her earrings.

Unexpectedly, after the distribution, an amazing thing happened! Nur was informed that her husband’s heartbeat had returned to normal and that a physical examination had shown him fine as before. It’s a miracle of love!

Wave of Donations

After Nur Huda Sanaa donated her earrings, she did not foresee how much response it would generate during the distributions of the next few days. Many other Syrian families also donated their subsidy cards, and took off their earrings and jewelry on the spot. They all actively contributed their love and achieved an impossible objective, thanks to their own beliefs.

The Turks, the Mufti, and the head of the mosque were so moved. They brought their wives and teachers to visit and learn how Tzu Chi volunteers spread their love and care during the distribution. They all were touched to tears.

Before leaving, the head of the mosque, Mr. Hahit, told Mr. Hu: “You did not let the Turks learn from the Syrians. Turks were the ones who received these migrants. But they did not fulfill their obligation as hosts. From now on, I want to let the Turks around me know what Tzu Chi has done, what the Syrians have done, and let everyone treat these displaced Syrians with love and brotherhood.”

After Nur Huda Sanaa gave her earrings, many other Syrian families also donate their subsidy
cards and eagerly take off their earrings and jewelry to contribute their love, including
Tzu Chi volunteers Faisal Hu and Nadya Chou. (Photo by Nadya Chou)


Try Our Best

Although the displaced Syrians in Turkey are living a hard life, they still show their innate love. Mutual love is honored by every religion. As long as we have determination, there is no difficulty we cannot overcome. When something is right, everyone should just do it.

It does not matter if people are inspired to do so or not. What is most important is to try our best. No matter how much our individual strength, by expressing our shared aspirations with all our hearts, we can bring peace and harmony to the world.