nine female students made their way to Turkey

Following the outbreak of war in their home country, nine female students made their way to Turkey. Yesterday, they were simply in search of an educational chance until El-Menahil school embraced them, facilitating their return to education. They put in the effort and achieved excellence, but they didn’t stop at that.

This story might be so familiar to many of us. However, who would believe that these girls now speak Chinese fluently and have successfully passed the first level of the language with complete proficiency.

The Chinese language, as commonly known, is complex and unfamiliar to us. Our students know very little about it, and only those with significant determination and ambition can master it. Those nine students attend their lessons with immense passion, even on their days off.

A smile almost never leaves their faces throughout the lesson. Their ambition and hope are enormously great, aiming to pass the second level in the upcoming exam.

Upon investigating the girls’ passion for Chinese lessons and their unwavering dedication, it’s evident that an outstanding teacher often drives student success. Miss Nadia, with her unique teaching approach and ever-present smile, has undoubtedly captured the affection and respect of her students.

They all loved her, and she loved them. They considered her as both a mother and sister, cherishing every moment spent with her. Miss Nadia skillfully made the Chinese language more simple and accessible for them.

What truly instills pride is their confidence when standing in front of delegations coming from Taiwan. They speak to them in Chinese, introducing themselves, explaining their situation, and sharing the circumstances they live under.

These children are only passing the exam to get the certificate, which is the first step. The El Menahil children have learned Arabic, Turkish, English, and now they have also learned Chinese. They will become a part of the world’s citizens, expand their international horizons, and contribute to the society of the future with their hearts and minds. This represents the purpose and responsibility of the Tzu Chi Foundation.

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