After their blessed return from Tzuchi Centre in Taiwan, the members of the foundation took advantage of the monthly gathering for relief work to all beneficiaries, and they told the families as well as the volunteers about what they have learned and found useful during their visit to Taiwan, which was full of interesting news and lessons full of wisdom .

Mr. Cuma Thuryaa started his speech by telling the families and volunteers about what he and his companions have felt and seen at Tzuchi Centre. He told them about the unprecedented organization and the great cooperation among the members of the foundation there. He also told them about the presence of love in every single corner in that place, there is no difference between rich and poor, everyone wants to offer services out of love and with pleasure.

The Syrian families looked astonished and happy at the same time towards those who loved them and gave them all they can give out of love and humanity, nothing else. The audience were touched by this speech and they expressed their gratitude towards this humanitarian foundation and what it offers to people everywhere.

Regarding relief work:

The distribution process was characterized by noticeable organization; the tasks were distributed among all the volunteer brothers and sisters. And each one was told about his/her task before they start through a guiding word given by Mr. Ahmad Alaian, the general supervisor of the relief work process.

And as usual, the beneficiaries groups were divided into Saturday and Sunday. The number of families benefitted from the distribution of BIM cards is : ( 4943 )  and the poor families number has become ( 629 ) .

And he working students were present too! And they benefitted. from the relief work, their number was : ( 392  ) .

And at the end of relief work, the teachers and members thanked all those who contributed to the success of the relief work process and prayed for them to have bless and abundance.