The final week of the qualifying course (Integrating thinking skills into the school curriculum)

Yesterday, the teaching staff at Al-Manahil International School finished the second qualifying course, which dealt with thinking skills and how to apply them in the curriculum.

Teachers were divided into three groups, two groups attended on Friday and the other one on Saturday.

The importance of thinking skills:

Thinking skills are of great importance to the teachers and to the students at the same time, as they renew ideas, stimulate activities, and help teachers learn new methodologies.

They enable the students to see things, that seem familiar, in a different way. And develop their abilities to solve problems using creative thinking.

At the end of the session, the general director of Al Manahil International School, Mr. Jumah Thuraya, distributed certificates of attendance to the teachers,

stressing that the school administration, under the blessed sponsorship of the Tzu Chi Charity, is doing everything possible to reach the best educational results.


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