Many questions may occur to the minds of young people in light of the crises they live, especially those who are in the stage of forming and drawing personality and building the future, such as university students, they need answers for the most prominent questions:
✔ Why are we here?
✔ Where are we going?
✔ What do I want?
✔ How do I achieve balance in my personality?
✔ What is the right way to think correctly in light of mental health?
In order to answer these questions, El-Menahil International School organized an intellectual seminar with Dr. Khaled Ibrahim Al-Daghim a Professor of Education and Islamic Psychology at Istanbul Sabah Aldin Zaim University, under the title: “The milestones of stability and building for university youth in this era.”
The aim of such seminars is to help university youth to build up their perceptions and find answers based on correct scientific and methodological

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