Syrian stories

Every Syrian house has its own story of misery and sorrows and at the same time dreams of a better future.

Hussein Bahlawi:

A man in his sixties lives with his wife lives in a small simple house after his children left them.

For more than six years, Uncle Hussein has been keeping all the envelopes of the monthly gift he receives from Tzu Chi İyilik Vakfı.  He says:

“I can’t throw away these envelopes, which brought me all the best and love and helped me with my living”.

Fadia Ibrahim:

You need great strength to hold back your tears as you watch a beautiful girl who has lost her sight as a result of a medical error, leaving her family in a sea of sorrow and pain.

Zishan Entebbe:

A Syrian woman, who was working as a teacher in one of the state schools in Syria. She had to leave her country to save her two children Burhan and Sameh from the bombing and the war there. She lost her husband and still knows nothing about him until today. She is trying to convince herself and her two children that he is still alive so that they can live in the hope of his return one day, for what is life without hope?

The great and warm way this family welcomed Mr. Faisal and Mrs. Nadia conveyed the meanings of loyalty and gratitude to the members of Tzu Chi who were truly good support to them in their ordeal.



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