The CEO of the TZU CHi Foundation arrived in Istanbul for the first time yesterday

Upon his arrival he travelled to Gaziantep along with his delegation to visit the affected areas that have been supported by the TZU CHI Foundation, specifically the Nurdag and Islaheya regions and had a meeting with the governor and the mayor of Gaziantep.

The next morning, the delegation attended a tribute ceremony organized by El-Menahil School for the students who graduated from the universities and were previously students at El-Menahil School. They listened to speeches from the graduates about the role of TZU CHI and the school in changing their lives and achieving their dreams. Afterward, the delegation visited the families of the teachers to check on their conditions. There was also a meeting with the volunteers of the TZU CHI Foundation, as well as the officials responsible for finance, accounting, and the warehouse, where they discussed the current operating system.

The delegation is expected to finish its program next Wednesday before returning to Taiwan.

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