The end of El Menahil Summer Club

Celebrations took place in El Menahil with the end of the summer club at El Menahil International School.

The summer club has come to an end, the beautiful summer days in which our students spent the most beautiful and enjoyable moments have come to an end.

Success needs hard efforts.

The activities committees saved no effort for the sake of providing everything useful and valuable to our students.

Starting with outdoor activities and a trip to the city of sculptures in Istanbul and getting acquainted with the most important landmarks in Turkey and the world, to the water city (aquarium) and talking about the types of fish that live in the seas and oceans, in addition to Karagoz and Aywaz plays, and ending with chemical experiments, Menahil kitchen, and handicrafts.

The importance of the activities committee:

Forming a committee for activities, under the supervision of many teachers, played a prominent role in choosing what suits students in terms of purposes and focusing on moral values.

In conclusion, the students who showed commitment and excellence during the summer club period were honored.

Success always comes as a result of continuous effort and work, with the hope that what comes next will be more beautiful and enjoyable at El Menahil International School with the start of the new academic year.


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