The university confluence of TZU CHI’s students


El-Menahil International School hosts the first university meeting for its students

Yesterday, El-Menahil International School witnessed a first-of-its-kind event, where it witnessed an organizational and introductory meeting between undergraduate students those who graduated from El-Menahil School, high school students and Yos students who are about to enter universities and start a new life.

Yesterday, they were students on the study bench, basking in science, knowledge, and the virtues of morals, and today, after they filled the universities, they crowned what they learned and came to share their experiences and with their brothers, high school students.

There are many objectives for this forum, perhaps the most important of which is to introduce students to the mechanism of registration in universities, university life, and how to apply for university comparison, in addition to the languages of teaching in universities it also touched on private, governmental university education, open education and the difference between them. The forum was also an occasion to answer the most common questions that concern students and constitute an obsession for every student starting the university life.

A hopeful spectacle for this generation who volunteered, planned and organized to be of helpful to others, surmounting difficulties and obstacles by delivering the correct information that guarantees reaching the goal through the shortest and most secure path.

Among the students participating in this conference:

Huseen Jabir
Musa Al Ahmad
Anas Daas
Ahmad Junid
Rama Muslim
And Balqis Humidan

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