Within the interests of Tzu Chi charitable association in the educational field in general and its two branches located in Istanbul in particular. It has paid great attention to Almanahil International Schools. So it started attracting the largest cultural and official figures at the highest levels. Within this framework, a high level delegation comprising both the ambassador ( Yaser CHENG ) of Taiwan State in Turkey accompanied by two personalities attracted great importance to the school. Mr. ( Miguel Li-jey Tsao) and Mr. ( Yang Syin-yi Ali Yang ) were received by the school administration represented by Mr. Jumaa Thurayya, the association general director of Almanahil International School, Mr. Davy is the most famous and the oldest Tzu Chi volunteer in Istanbul and Mr. Ahmad Alyyan member of Tzu Chi charitable foundation in Istanbul.

There are number of administrators and teachers where the school had the honor to visit this delegation and see the modern equipment of the building. Also, they were received by male and female students. The delegation , also, participated the students of the school in a simple ceremony, enjoying the atmosphere of love and pleasure. All of them are proud of their achievements spreading science, knowledge, love and tolerance among people. They left the school with great pleasure and were impressed by what they had seen thanking the school administration for the great efforts they made for this generation. They hoped that such a visit will be repeated. All love and appreciation is for the valued guests. Your visit was a great remark of humanity.