A story of hope

The twenty-five-year-old Omar Al-Halabi had no idea that by the hands of a charitable foundation his normal life shall be restored.

A charity that had traveled thousands of miles to offer love, goodness, and help to him and thousands of others.


Omar Al-Halabi is a young man who was injured in three explosions.

The first explosion caused shrapnel to get in his shoulder and stay there till today.

Doctors cannot take it out because it is very close to nerves meaning that any surgical error may result in paralysis.

He lost his leg in the second explosion, and his left hand in the third one.

Damascus Ghouta:

Omar was the son of Ghouta and lived under the siege that was imposed on them.

Like all Ghouta people, he suffered all kinds of torment and misery.

The children of Ghouta turned into skeletons due to lack of nutrition and the miserable conditions they lived in and suffered from.

He did not only lose his leg, but also lost his two brothers who were martyred during the war, so he traveled to Turkey looking for a better life or anyone can restore his life and the leg that he lost at a young age.

Many associations and organizations gave him promises for fake help.

these promises were no more than flimsy words on paper.

The beginning of hope:

Hope began when Omar met one of Najwa’s relatives – Najwa is a student at Al-Manahil International School.

Omar was living in a room without furniture, lying on a bed shivering from the cold.

Omar was not optimistic at first, as he received several false promises from many organizations.

The dream comes true:

It turns real when Najwa heard about Omar’s story, so she felt his pain and remembered her condition and her suffering.

Immediately, she told the story to the owner of the great heart, Mr. Faisal, who never hesitated to help this young man.

The approval was confirmed and the procedures of installing an artificial limb to Omar began.

An agreement was made with the doctor who is specialized in installing prostheses and the measurements were taken on the next day.

One day later, Omar returned home standing and walking on his feet.

In the midst of that happiness, Omar forgot his crutches as if he had never suffered from losing his leg.

He felt that he had come back to life again. His smile, his laughter, the joy that appeared on his face reflect the extent of the bliss and happiness he lived in as he finally could walk on his feet like his peers.

This foundation is a blessing sent by Allah Almighty to provide relief to the agonized, save a family, and restore life to generations and generations.


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