A victim of war


As you enter their home, you feel pain and sorrow hovering. As soon as you see Shaima, you realize the reason beyond feeling.

It is a sad story of a beautiful girl despite her deformed face. It is a story of grief that no heart can bear and that no human can tolerate.

She was sitting next to her brother, near to whom she found safety in times of war, missiles, and planes, in the area where the Shaimaa family lives in Aleppo.

Shaima did not know that it was her last day with her brother, light, sun in the sky, and the stars. It was her last day with the grace of sight.

A reckless bullet from a blind weapon hit her brother (Abdo), killing him as a martyr immediately.

Not only did the damned bullet do that, but also turned Shaima’s life into darkness, pain, and sorrow. So was also the case of her family and everyone who sees her or hears her story.


Honestly, all words and languages on the earth cannot describe the condition of her parents when they heard about the tragic news… the death of their sole son, and darkness to their sole daughter as well.

The family sought refuge in Turkey, so they may find a cure for what is left of their daughter. However, even advanced science stood incapable of curing and healing what that bullet has damaged. How would a girl, who did not exceed the sixth year, endure the cruelty and tyranny of bullets?

surgery expenses are very high, and the family suffers poverty. This type of operation is only performed in very developed countries such as Germany, America, or Canada.

Shaima did not surrender to her bitter reality, rather she insisted on studying and learning and enrolled in El Menahil International School, and today she excels over her circumstances and ranks second in her class.

But she is afraid that she will not fulfill her dream because of loss of sight, hoping that Allah will prepare someone to save her and bring her out of darkness into the light and achieve her goal of studying engineering and continuing her life as she hoped and wished.


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