Photos and decorations are everywhere, a little girl standing by her friends’ side who are wearing the best clothes they have. On the other side, boys in suits waiting for a signal from the supervisor to start performing the activity they had been trained to do for this special occasion, ( it is childhood wedding for El-Menahil school).

El-Menahil supervisors, teachers and students have enjoyed this beautiful exceptional day. ( It is honoring ceremony for students at the end of the first term for school year 2019-2020).

The ceremony started with a speech given by the general manager of El-Menahil school, the revered Mr. Jouma Thurya.

In his speech, he congratulated the hardworking students and urged he negligent to work harder to catch up with their hardworking mates. He also thanked the educational and managerial staff for their hard work they’ve done through all he semester.

And of course, Mr. Jumaa expressed his deepest gratitude and thanks for our Taiwanese brothers and sisters in humanity who still support our school and provide for our students all that they need without hesitation.

The ceremony program included many activities performed by our students such as acting and chanting. Then, Mr. Jumaa and he managerial staff awarded the outstanding students and gave them gifts to encourage them to persist more on excellency and success.

All day long everyone kept their smiles wide on their faces, why not? Since it is the day that everyone awaits! The teacher waits to harvest the seeds he planted in his students, and the student waits for the reward of his hard work. So do the parents who wait to see their children ,the apple of their eye, being rewarded for hard work and ethics.

May Allah bless this educational institution and make it a light house for a generation which aims at healing all the pains and embracing glory through the spark of hope.

(El-Menahil; the source of knowledge)