As we bid farewell to 2019 and look ahead to 2020 with a greater hope and a deeper determination for sharing love among people, and doing our best in helping and aiding relief to the poor people and to those who are in need, and to the others like  patients and  students.

This year (2019) has ended, and our organisation is still presenting goodness year after a year for all and everybody, aiming for the best, developing its staff and increasing in number of the recipients.

The volunteers have come since early morning, and as usual their missions have already been divided among them, waiting for the morning meeting of the virtuous teacher Mr. Juma Thuraia to give them the necessary instructions, and to encourage everybody to do their best in a team-work.

The distribution of January has started at 08.30 on 21/ 12 Saturday morning in an active and cooperative atmosphere among the volunteers.
And as usual, the first group of the recipient families has included BIM Cards in a number about ( 4773 ) , as well as the distributions have been divided into two shifts, two intervals in the morning shift and three intervals in the afternoon shift.

In the following day, the monthly salaries have been distributed to the working students in addition to the poor families.

In the month of January, Cash Assistance Programme (the winter heating allowance) has been distributed to some of the families who has been registered under this heading.

And at every stage during the distribution, Mr Juma teaches some important lessons that enters into the heart without permission, advising and instructing the audience and reminding them of the grace and generosity of God.

Mr (Ahmad Alian) also gave a speech in which he thanked all the families and students and encouraged them on seeking knowledge and studying hard. Since the foundation is taking care of them and provides them with everything they need so that they become a generation capable of building the future.


Some of the brothers also had participated in giving talks and thanked (Tzuchi Foundation) and all of its curators: supporters and volunteers. They also prayed for Mr. Faisal’s quick recovery, and expressed their wish to see his beautiful warm smile soon.

We’d like to point that Mr. Faisal has also surprised the volunteers, even though he’s done a surgery recently, he called and showed up  live, where he spoke with most of the volunteers and expressed his happiness with their cooperation and love.


At the end of the relief work, all of the volunteers joined hands to put everything back in its place: tidied up, collected he chairs, and cleaned the mosque and halls. Feeling gratitude for having the opportunity to serve people and praying for the beloved  Mr. Faisla’s quick recovery, wishing he comes back safe and sound.

It felt as if the motto “ Because we are one family” is embodied among all those who work for and belong to this humanitarian foundation.

May God bless everyone and make us advocates for goodness through our good manners and deeds.

Thank you Tzuchi