Tzuchi charity Foundation & El-Menahil school has every right to be proud of the flourishing and ripening fruit of the seeds  they have planted and looked after very well, which in turn has become an example of success and uniqueness.

Where El-Menahil has provided them (its students) with everything that can help them  realize their full potential and promote their creativity. Indeed, they were  good assistants as well as outstanding students.

Here are they now; scattered all around ,like flowers and abundant clouds, at different universities and in the best specialties. They are our school’s best ambassadors! We pray to God that we achieve the same success with our new students, hoping they will be as outstanding and bright as their latter peers.

This is El-Menahil and these are its students! El-Menahil has promised God to spare no effort for the sake of its Syrian children in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.