Tzu Chi Volunteers


The meaning of volunteering: Volunteering is of great concern to the association since its first days.

In addition to teaching people the meaning of helping others with love, respect, and satisfaction.

Almost five years ago, when this association had just started working, some volunteering brothers, out of self-motif, started helping and took a part in the distribution.

Soon enough, the day of distribution became a day all brothers longed to and kept on attending with great deal of love and optimism about the coming days.

The number of volunteers was small at first, and every time this number was increasing.

In the last distribution, the number of volunteers exceeded 164.

They were organized and assigned for various tasks, to provide assistance to everyone.

They had a great role in running and organizing the distribution process, due to their commitment to the tasks assigned to them, from helping the elderly people to even paying attention, and taking a good care of children.

In turn, the association’s management thanked the volunteering brothers for their contributions and efforts through a speech by Mr. Juma Thuraya, The Director General of the Association and a word by Mr. Faisal, a member of the Association.

In turn, some of the volunteers gave words of thanks and gratitude to this association, for everything it has been doing for the Syrians for 5 years.


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