The man whom Allah has given endurance, activity, and love for knowledge and learning is of great luck.
Haji Muhammad Moaz is a man in his sixties from Aleppo. He moved to Turkey to settle down there like most of the Syrian people who were dispersed as a result of the war there.
Because Haji Muhammad is an elderly man, it was very difficult for him to find a job, as employers prefer young ages because they bear the hardships of working in the workshops.
As soon as Hajj Muhammad heard about the opening of courses for adults (literacy education) at El Menahil International School, he immediately registered because of his love for learning.
Hajj Muhammad, as described by the teachers, is an energetic man who is the first to attend school, and has a great passion for learning quickly.
Adult courses are of great interest to El Menahil International School to spread the light in eyes tired by the darkness of ignorance.

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