Humanity in its best is incarnated in (Tzuchi)

Tzuchi Foundation

It is a charity foundation which caters for the humanitarian aspect, it is located in Taiwan and has many branches in most of the world countries. Its activities  include  places which underwent destruction and ruins resulting from nature such as earthquakes and volcanoes,  and also the ones caused by human action as wars and famine.

The objective of this foundation is purely humanitarian; giving help to all people irrespective of their religious belief and creed, spreading love among people, and reinforcing the principle of altruism; to love for others what you love for yourself.

Their motto embodies all of that : (Because we are one family).

The goals of relief work:

Tzuchi charity foundation provides permanent monthly help for thousands of families here in Istanbul, at (Sultan Gazi) area, within an atmosphere of love and fraternity. Because it is (the foundation) trying in every relief work, through a bunch of brothers in charge of it, to raise the awareness of everybody and urge them to help each other.

The relief work time is permeated by listening to a valuable awareness-raising lecture, which leaves a profound impact in the souls of those who listens and watches how the relief work is performed with peace, love and fraternity.

The vision :

The foundation is looking forward to spread love and fraternity among people and it is also striving to help them financially, especially in the educational field, starting  from kindergarten till University.

 (The number of the beneficiaries in the 10th month of 2019) :

On the other hand, in this month’s relief work, the number of beneficiary families has exceeded ( 4606 ) families. And the poor families ( vulnerable situations) have gotten their monthly share, and the number of this category of families has exceeded ( 674 ) poor family.

And the (working students) also have received their monthly assistance, which is provided by the foundation for the purpose of continuing their education, whether they are (El-Menahil) students or university students beneficiary of the donation of (Tzuchi Foundation).

All of that took place in an environment of love and affinity among  families and volunteers, and that is the ultimate goal which the foundation is dedicating all of its potentials to achieve  among people, in addition to making them one family; by doing so it will fulfill its motto : (because we are one family).


From the bottom of our hearts…we thank our Taiwanese siblings for their humanity and altruism. We have learned so much from them and we are still learning. We also give all our love and appreciation for the brothers in charge of handling the foundations’ matters and its affairs. May God bless you and your efforts and may He reward you.