The first school semester has finished.

During which the students have done everything they can to follow the lead of their mates who has been accepted in different Colleges and Universities.

The managerial and educational staff led by Mr. Jumaa Thuryaa, the general manager of El-Menahil school, have awarded the pioneer students by giving them encouraging trophies.
And that was at the ceremony of the first semester ending for the year 2019-2020.


Ever since El-Menahil has opened its door up to this point, it has never saved any effort to provide for the needs of its students.
Because our aim is to prepare a generation of  knowledgeable and ethical youth who can revive their country to catch up with the advanced countries.
This generation of youth will carry on their shoulders the responsibility of rebuilding a fatigued and devastated  country which has suffered from wars, killing and ruin.

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