Establishing Meeting for the Scholarship Students.


Al-Manahil International School held an expanded meeting for the committees supervising students’ affairs, scholarship students, who receive a monthly salary in order to alleviate their suffering, and to create a suitable environment for them.

Those students, whose difficult living conditions forced them to leave school and join the labor market, for low wages.

The importance of advancing students morally and scientifically, and the deep sense of responsibility towards them were the focus of the speeches delivered by the administrators at the meeting.

Professor Faisal, who joined the meeting via live broadcast, reviewed the difficult conditions which the students  were suffering from before the association started supporting them, and said that the number of students who receive monthly aid has reached about 430 students and stressed on the need to support and encourage them to reach a prominent position in the future.

In his speech, Mr. Ahmed Alyan, Director of Student Affairs, stressed the importance of communication between the teachers and their students.

On his part, Mr. Jumah Thuraya, General Director of Al-Manahil International School, who had the final word, said: The teacher’s first message is to reform and to educate, as knowledge alone is not sufficient unless it is crowned with good morals.


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