In accordance to the Turkish educational authority the process of distant learning in the school year of 2019 – 2020 will end by on the mid of current June.

Hence, the summer club activities start by the advent of July.

Several points were viewed and discussed during the meeting which was held at   El Menahil International School under the patronage of Mr. Juma Thurayya, the school general manager.

Distant learning: Concerning the distant learning process there will be a general evaluation throughout testing students by teachers in order to draw a picture of their levels and discipline.
This evaluation will determine the continuation of any student’s registration or not for next year.

The summer club will be interactive: Preparing and planning the summer club was one of the most important topics discussed in the meeting.
There will be a committee to prepare and carry out educational and scientific activities and projects.
To avoid the problem of  big numbers of students joining the club, the schooling  hours will be divided on several shifts especially for the elementary level, so that, students can choose  their suitable time to attend lessons.


The summer club program should include quizzes and amusement programs because they have good attraction on students and they increase students’ interaction with the summer club topics.

Teachers are to attend quick courses in methodology and technical education in order to overcome the obstacles that faced some teachers while using new technical aids in distant learning.

Intensive meetings were held and are to be held. Students, their behavior and scientific levels have always been the main priorities of   El Menahil School management.


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