Graphic Design Training Course

A new training course for a group of teachers of El Menahil school who are eager to learn how to use the design programs (Photoshop and InDesign) was launched.

This course, which lasts for two weeks, is concerned with identifying the advantages of these programs, how to deal with them, and their applications.

It also aims to provide the trainee with sufficient skill in designing magazines, covers, wall and hanging posters, and advertising posters, in addition to image manipulation.

The Media Office of the Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi supervises these courses. It is worth mentioning that similar courses on editing and producing visual reports have recently been conducted.

This course is conducted under the supervision of El-Menahil International School in the framework of its endeavor to train and qualify a number of people wishing to volunteer with the Media Office to help with covering the events and activities along with it.


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