Love is Tzu Chi… From Jordan to Istanbul


Ms. Alaa Al-Diri has been a volunteer at Tzu Chi Foundation, the Jordan branch, for 10 years. She came to Istanbul 3 months ago, and was hosted by the Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi (Media Office). She holds a BA in Industrial engineering from the University of Jordan.

The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences between the two branches of Tzu Chi (Jordan and Turkey).


During her stay in the media office, she oversaw the work of the Tzu Chi Iyilik Vakfi and the services provided by it.  On several occasions, she visited its offices  (relief, health and education) and made visits to the homes of the beneficiary families.


She was also active in accompanying the interpreters sent with the patients by the health office.

Her most prominent activity was with the media office, where she participated in many of its works in covering the Tzu Chi’s activities, and witnessed its work in various fields.


In a beautiful gesture, students volunteering at the media office arranged a simple ceremony in her honor before she returned to Jordan, and they wrote her souvenirs, expressing the love and giving that goes from Istanbul to Jordan.

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