El Menahil International School honors the students who memorize verses of the Holy Quran.

El Menahil International School yesterday honored the students who had completed memorizing parts of the Great Qur’an, after joining the courses for memorizing the Book of Allah held by El Menahil School and to which it gives special attention.

Great interest:

The administration of El Menahil School takes great care of students who have memorized the Noble Qur’an. It provides them with all the necessary support and courses, and creates the best conditions for them to contemplate and master memorization under the supervision of specialized teachers in memorization and recitation.

The school also granted an official enrollment to some students who memorized the Qur’an, as a reward for their efforts.

Words of thanks:

During the honoring ceremony, the students delivered words of thanks and gratitude to those who gave them the opportunity to have the Great Qur’an in their hearts.

Mr. Jumaa Thuraya, the Director-General of El Menahil International School, gave an influential speech on the merit of memorizing the Qur’an and called on students to strive to complete memorizing it completely.

He also talked about the children who live in difficult conditions in the camps and their efforts and insistence on memorizing the Book of Allah despite their tragic conditions.

El Menahil School seeks to be a scientific and moral monument that brings out a generation armed with knowledge and good morals.


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