Immortal in Memory


The Syrians will never forget names like Mr. Faisal, his wife Miss Nadia, and Mr. Devi.

They are volunteers from Tzu Chi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation, the Foundation for Love, Giving, Mercy, and Charity without charge.

Let’s go back in time a little and think, what if Tzu Chi and those three did not appear in our lives?

Would that student be able to enter the university and enroll in the program he dreamed of throughout his life?

Would that patient recover today after undergoing surgery that would have cost him a lot, so he asked for Tzu Chi help which in turn was ready without hesitation because it appreciates the greatness and importance of human beings’ health?

Who else would stand by the side of that widow and her orphan children, which the Foundation allocated a monthly salary to help them over the misfortunes of time?

Syrians today do not only love the Tzu Chi Foundation and its members but also respect with love all Taiwan.

Mr. Faisal indeed speaks Arabic, but there are many Syrians who want to learn the Chinese language so that they can express their love and sincerity of their feelings for the Taiwanese people.

How can a person forget the hand that reached him and was a refuge and salvation?

There are millions of displaced people to whom Turkey opened its doors and formed with Taiwan a model to be followed in humanity and love.

When a person loses his country and his house that he built stone by stone, nothing can compensate for him except a heart that feels his suffering.

Tzu Chi was actually that hand that pulled refugees out of their ordeal and brought their children back to school and charted for them the path of knowledge, morals, and good values.

Today, Tzu Chi has Syrian volunteers in Istanbul seeking to spread goodness and humanity, which is the first message since the beginning of its career 55 years ago.


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