Bestowal moneybox

Bestowal campaign, which was called for by El menahil International School became essential in every work and activity carried out by students and educational staff of El Menahil International School.

Finally, wooden moneyboxes, with the slogan of Tzu Chi Charitable Endowment engraved on them, were manufactured.

The work was carried out by the teachers of El Menahil School, believing in the importance of those moneyboxes that was a reason beyond having this school and this goodness today and as a dedication to the continuous giving campaign that aims to provide relief to the afflicted in various parts of the earth.

On the other hand, the manufacture of these moneyboxes had an opportunity to develop the skills of handicrafts, and to make use of the woodblocks in the recycling process.

The boxes were distributed to all the staff of El Menahil International School who committed themselves to donate every month, for those donations could save a family, cure a disabled person, or help a student to pursue their studies.

Money Boxes’ goodness reached everywhere and wherever there is a poor or needy person, because of those hearts that knew the meaning of humanity, and devoted themselves to others.

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